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Welcome to Richter Designs

Welcome to Richter Designs

Robert Richter uses customized but simple, plans and ideas to design homes and buildings. Providing families with a warm and safe environment to relax and enjoy life.

For new construction of:

  • Single family Home
  • Duplex or Triplex
  • Renovation to existing home
  • Garage or other home addition
  • Addition of sunroom, or large covered or exposed deck
  • Additional detached outbuilding to the property

We Will:

  • Help you ensure that your design suits your personal needs and wishes.
  • Work with you to build a beautiful environment for your family or clients.
  • Provide plans for new homes and renovations or small business buildings.
  • Re-create plans for your existing home if lost and need to be replaced.

With plans in hand, you can get started whenever you're ready!

  • To discuss your construction needs, find out how Richter Designs can help.
  • Contact us anytime for an appointment at our office: 902-404-4016

Imagine owning your own auto body shop, salon, commercial/professional office or your own retail shop. We will help you plan the shop environment so you can get back to work on the business plan!

Richter Designs can:

  • Help you with planning your own entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • Provide plans for you and your contractor to let you both get right to work.
  • Design small commercial structures or interior layouts.
  • Provide revisions of retail spaces, reverse lighting plans, etc.

Richter Designs can help you with small commercial plan designs (excluding engineering or architecturally stamped requirements). Planning early by working with a professional to help you identify what your building needs are, and getting advice on ways you might be better able to achieve your building goals couldn't be easier.

Additional plan options include contractors and sales agents who supply work or other services to site for building owners. By networking with this contractor base there will is additional opportunity to help connect owners to contractors. Contractors and sales agents include: builders, sub trades, material suppliers, etc. plus engineers, and members of the real estate industry.